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July 15, 2014

The Slate Family

Well, it's official. If you are born into the Slate family, you are the inheritor of awesome dimples and a megawatt smile! It's true!!! Over the years, I have had the privilege of documenting senior portraits for three Slate boys and they ALL have these killer smiles and or dimples for days. I love it! So when Peyton and Blaine arrived to their session with me and flashed their smiles my way, there was no doubts as to which family these two cuties belonged too!  
A few weeks back, I met the Slate family out at Eastman Lake, just a few miles east of Chowchilla, and enjoyed the afternoon documenting dimples, lots of sweetness, and this dear family of four...

Meet Blaine. Is he not the most adorable little guy you have ever seen?!? I love his hair, his big blue eyes, and his DIMPLES!!!

Look at those famous Slate dimples!

Oh, holy dimples!!! Too much cuteness!!!

And this is their sweet Peyton....

...his freckles and long, dark eyelashes melt my heart!!!!

Blaine with his beautiful mama...


After Blaine saw his dad getting kisses from his mom, he wanted in on the action too!!!

One of my favorites from the session!

Love this one of gorgeous Desiree...

A few weeks before our session, John and Desiree celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. Such an amazing milestone to celebrate and cherish! Congrats you two!!!

Absolutely adored my time with this sweet family! Thank you for sharing your afternoon with me, and for the opportunity to document your darling boys and love in my camera!

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