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April 17, 2019

Downtown San Luis Obispo Senior Portraits: Travys Troost

Well this post just makes me feel all sentimental, so hold your horses because its about to get mushy! Travys grew up down the road from my family, so in country terms, we have been neighbors since he was born! I grew up babysitting him, and had the honor of capturing his three older brother's senior portraits over the years, so you can imagine my reaction when I was contacted to capture his SENIOR pictures this year! Travys, a senior?!? No!!!! Oh. My. Goodness.  
We decided to meet up in downtown San Luis Obispo while I was in California for a visit, my mom with me, and his with him. And let's just say, between my camera, his mom and my mom, Travys had QUITE the entourage in tow around town. Ha ha, it was great! After cruising downtown, we decided to head to Avila beach where we caught THE most beautiful sunset to wrap-up this amazing senior session with Travys! Here are just a few of my favorites from my time with him!

Love love love the pop of his blue shirt with the background!

Travys' family comes from the Netherlands so the bikes felt like the perfect 'Dutch' touch!

See what I mean?!?

Travys is currently a senior at Stone Ridge Christian and plans to head to Fresno State following graduation!

Two of my faves!

I call this pose the 'Garyn' because Travys brother made this a staple!

The light streaming through this river bed was amazing!!!

Love this black and white so much! One of those pictures I love because it looks like it could have been from 100 years ago!

I'll end with this one...just a few more weeks and this guy will part of the graduating Class of 2019!!!!! Woo hoo!!!! So excited for you Travys, and look forward to all the amazing things God has planned for the next chapter of your life!

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