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March 15, 2019

Newborn Portraits: Micah van Tol

Meet the newest member of the van Tol family and my newest nephew, Micah! I couldn't be more excited for my sister Gina and Dustin as they welcomed their THIRD boy to their family just a few weeks ago. He is THE sweetest with his perfect little chin and sleepy smiles... 
Micah is joining his big brothers, Jack and Ryer. They are still learning how to be 'gentle' with baby Micah, but goodness, it is so cute to see how proud they are when they hold their baby brother! Can't wait to see all the things they will teach him as he to catch frogs, jump in puddles, and ALL about tractors and trucks and building piles in the sandbox. Oh, the adventures that await you sweet Micah! 
Here are a few of my favorites of sweet Micah, at just five days old and all ten pounds two ounces of goodness...

His little back rolls seriously melt me...

And those eyelashes?!? Oh Micah, you are perfection...

His little cheeks and baby booty. I just can't. The cuteness is too much!

He's just absolutely edible. I want to kiss those cheeks for all his days!

Dustin + Gina's boys are total country boys. Always outside, always catching frogs or in dirt. So when she mentioned doing a picture with all three of boys, the 'Little Rascals' came to mind! But instead of doing a 'He-man woman haters club' sign, we opted for just No Girls Allowed, ha! I had some help from Mario (the dairy's mechanic and the boys' beloved candy giver!). It was a team effort for sure, and I love how it turned out! And I mean...those are the three cutest little rascals I ever did see!

Oh sweet Micah, you are so loved! Welcome to the family little one!
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