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February 22, 2018

Seth + Jenessa: A Merced Engagement

Most love stories have a distinct beginning. For some, its the place you first met. Or maybe its the first time you caught each other's eye. For others, its a certain date or conversation that changed everything. But this? This is no ordinary love story.  
They've known each other since middle school, when their families joined the same homeschool group. Jenessa became good friends with Seth's sister, Charissa, so she'd often spend time over at his family's house, playing games and watching movies. Both families went on to vacation together, went to church together, and even celebrate an annual Super Bowl party together. Following school, careers took Seth and Jenessa in opposite directions. He to San Francisco, and later her to Washington D.C. But they stayed in touch, always texting and seeing each other when home for a visit. But always remaining, just friends.  
It was while home on Christmas break, the two were catching up on life and Seth reached for her hand to hold. The years of togetherness suddenly felt anew, stitched together by a comfortability they always shared. But before she could let her heart believe what had happened, she asked Seth if it was true. One year later, on their families annual beach camping trip together, Seth asked Jenessa to join him for a walk at sunset and surprised her by getting down on one knee and asking her to spend the rest of their lives together.

Seth and Jenessa are planning a wedding in their hometown of Merced, California this spring and I couldn't be more excited to document this day for these two!

For their engagement session, they returned to the place it all began: their hometown of Merced. We met up at Vista Ranch and Cellars, and the day couldn't have been more perfect!

One of my faves!

Jenessa, you are GORGEOUS!

Shout out to Faces by Katie Strickland for the amazing glam for the session!

You two are the sweetest. The end.

I was lucky enough to get to know Jenessa through a Women's Bible study we did together while i was living in Merced which just made this session so so special seeing her ENGAGED!!!!

Pure. JOY.

The way he makes her laugh at any given time is the best!

A hexagon rose gold ring?!? Um...yes please!


Okay, maybe this is a favorite too!

These two share a VERY serious sports rivalry...

And I loved that they incorporated it into the shoot!!!!

I'll end on this one...a photo I want to see when you two are old and gray together, k? Baseball rivals for life!

But seriously, I can't wait for your wedding in May!!! I will do my best not to cry...but I make no promises!
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