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August 8, 2017

Omaha Design Center: Bryce + Lainika

He had a dream he was going to marry someone with dark hair who could sing. Perhaps it was a coincidence? For it was just one month prior, a group comprised of four sisters called Eternity Focus came to sing at the church Bryce attended. He was immediately captured by her beauty, and thought she sang like an angel. Lainika noticed him too, in the congregation, and tried her best not to stare as they sang. They met, but their paths continued apart until the girls returned to sing at his church again five years later. Bryce sent Lainika a Facebook message following their visit, one that sparked a beginning to something he had only dreamed of... 
After months of correspondence and visits between his home state of Iowa and her's of Kansas, Bryce brought Lainika to the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge in Omaha, Nebraska. There, on the state line of Iowa and Nebraska, he got down on one knee and proposed. One year later, in the same city where they were engaged, Bryce and Lainika wed at the Omaha Design Center, beginning their forever. Together.  
Bryce and Lainika, I just love you guys!! Your love for each other. For God. Who knew that a conversation over big hair and bumpits years ago would lead to all this?!? I am just so grateful for you all and your amazing families!!! Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Big hugs and thanks also to Charity Joy Green for helping to capture this most gorgeous day! Hope you enjoy reliving your most beautiful day through these images! 

How gorgeous is this bouquet created by Blooms and Bouquets?!?

When the bride is also a photographer, a matching perfume bottle might be part of the details! Lovelovelove!!!

Pretty sure this is when Lainika looked around and said, "Something is missing...oh yeah, more SPARKLE!"

Lainika, you made the most gorgeous bride!!!

One of my favorites!

Lainika had a rose + ring on the day to remember her beautiful mom...

I mean...I think these groomsmen might be ready for GQ, right?!?

Another favorite!

First Look!

Bryce + Lainika couldn't contain their joy after seeing each other the first time!

After the First Look, we headed to downtown Omaha for a few more portraits!

Best. Bridal. Party. EVA!

Lainika is one of four sisters like me. Pretty sure there is something about being from an all-girl family that we share...

Just stop. I can't even handle all this gorgeousness. Beyond.

After portraits (and kisses), we headed back for the ceremony!

One of my favorite moments as the bridal party prayed over these two before they said their I Do's...

Bryce + Lainika created a unity painting during their neat is that?!?

After the ceremony, guests headed to the reception area for libations and lots of celebrating!

I can seriously still smell the goodness of these cupcakes through this heavenly Gigi's Cupcakes!

First Dance sweetness...

Followed by some sisterly advice for the groom!

Lainika surprised at the reception by serenading her new husband, singing "Can't Help Falling in Love with You"

After cake cutting, we snuck away for a few portraits at sunset on the rooftop!

One of my favorites!

The Omaha skyline looking extra pretty with these two...

I'll end on this one because I am quite certain their is nothing quite as beautiful as a sunset and two souls beginning their lives together...

Venue: Omaha Design Center  
Invitation Suite: Lee Ann at Office Products Inc 
Wedding Dress: Kelly Faetanini 
Hair: Stacey McCoy at The Looking Glass Salon 
Florals: Blooms and Bouquets  
Photographer: Lisa De Jager 
Cupcakes: Gigi's Cupcakes 
Cake: Cupcake Island
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