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February 23, 2017

Tharp Boys in the Country

One of my favorite things on earth right now is being an auntie. Well...that and being Allan's girlfriend/wife! Yes, I like to think of myself as his girlfriend still cause it makes me feel 29 again and the aches in my knee begin to fade away. Oh dear, I've gotten off track here! More on married life later...back to auntie life! I love it because its been amazing to see my sisters become and grow and thrive as mamas to their little ones. I think its also cause I adore seeing their littles develop personalities of their own! And...let's be real, auntiehood gives you THE best excuse to:  
1) Watch the new Pixar movies...cause its pertinent to be relatable to your peeps!  
2) Talk in all the weird voices and animal sounds you want while Facetiming 
3) Give an extra scoop of ice cream because you're allowed to break sugar intake rules as an auntie 
4) Sing at the top of your lungs with them cause one must teach confidence..wink wink! Plus, there is no judgement for the off-key!  
5) Play hide-n-seek at mom and dad's house cause the 'grandkids' wanted to... 
Pretty much, auntiehood is the life! So you can imagine my excitement when I was in California the other week and had the joy of getting to photograph a few of my nephews! Below are a few of my favorites from my afternoon with Boston, Carson, and Waylon...

Boston here just celebrated his FIFTH birthday!!! Turning five is a get to ride the school bus soon, go to Kindergarten...basically everything in life begins when you turn five!

As his birthday approached, the hype for turning five grew. Boston even told his brother, "I'm gonna be so old when I turn five Carson. Watch...pull my finger, I keep farting like Grandpa does!" 

Probably not the most eloquent thing for a blog post, but I think real life, even the stinky, is the sweetest. And funniest!

Happy 5th birthday Boston!!!!

This little man is seriously THE kindest. Every time visitors come to his house, he invites them to stay for dinner or offers for them to sit next to him. He wants everybody included always. And loves being the leader!

"Hey Carson, wanna race me?"

"Ok, again!"  
And..repeat (x's 100)

I can't even handle Carson and his curls. Its just too much. And then, on top of that, he has an infectious, kind-of naughty laugh. It kills me...

Just a side note for those of you who don't sister (and the mama to these three boys) had hair JUST like this when she was little. It has since tamed some, but growing up, it was white and spiral curls. My mom said people used to ask her if Cari's hair was real or a wig and would even ask to touch it!

Oh, just a little-mid-photo-shoot-arm-wrestling-break...

And then there's sweet, squeezable, seriously adorable Waylon...

He was just six months for these...and wasn't really sitting quite yet but did for a few minutes here!!!

You guyzzzzz....seriously...

Its just too much!!! The overalls and barefeet and little man boobies...

One of my favorites with his 'dada' holding him up here...

The cutest trio I ever did see!

Is that not the naughtiest smile there on the right?

As the sun set, we drove the Gator over to the bridge built by the boys' Grandpa Wayne. I love these cause of the hands that built it...

Waylon clearly is in no shortage of brotherly love!

But being by his mama is his FAVORITE! 100% Mama's boy right here!

I'll end with this one cause this is how the shoot ended with the boys fishing off their Grandpa's bridge and because I see how love ripples from generation to generation in these boys...

Happy Thursday all!
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