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September 13, 2016

Jack turns 1: A Dairy Farm Boy

You guys, I am REE-donk-u-lous-lee behind on blogging over here! Wedding planning consumed me for much of spring and then I got MARRIED over the summer, followed by a move up to Washington! Needless to say, it's been a crazy past few months. But crazy good. So so good. And while we have been slowly acclimating into life here in Spokane, a few milestones happened for my family in California. A big one being: Jack turned ONE!!!  
How did this happen?! Wasn't he just crawling??! Oh, I can hardly believe how fast this past year has gone and how much he has grown! So a few weeks ago, while I was home for a few days, I spent the afternoon with Jack to capture a few one-year-portraits of this cutie-mc-cutie nephew of mine.  
Its hard to capture Jack in ONE picture. He has THE best laugh, the dardnest scowl just like his mom (my sister), LOVES his dad and lights up anytime he is around. Pretty sure he loves all tractors or anything with wheels that looks like something his dad drives on the dairy. And so, it was perfect we take this country boy's pictures around the dairy...totally in his element and happy as a clam to be by tractors. 
Here are a few of my favorites of my afternoon with Jack on the dairy!

Oh, hey guys!

He loves his dad...

Love his blue eyes and white, wispy hair. And his front chicklets.


This little guy is oh-so-loved by his mom and dad and its pretty much the sweetest thing, ever.

I might (might) have this on my desktop. Anytime I need to smile, I just refer back to this cheeser...

This. This is the 'scowl'. He's had it since he was born and his mom shares the exact same look. My favorite is when I catch them both doing it at the same time!

I think this lasted for about 1.5 minutes before he started playing/rolling in the! But how cute is he with his little Sperrys and khakis?!?

Boots, jeans and a plaid button-up just like my dad...

Just before sunset, we headed to the commodity barn for a few portraits with the loader....I think Jack was happy about this, wouldn't you agree?

I can't even handle this...

Or this...

Okay, now stay little forever.

Happy ONE year Jack! Love you to pieces!  
Love, Tante Whee
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